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How are Book Offers Made?

This week, I made an offer to an author to publish her book. She asked for two weeks to consider it. I asked her to get back to me by the end of business on Monday, which would have given … Continue reading

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Is Lightning Source’s Paper Stock NISO Compliant?

Recently I was filling out the form on the Library of Congress’s website for an LCCN and noticed a question regarding “Permanent Paper.” I did some research to see if any of my books are printed on such paper and … Continue reading

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Is Google Books Worth the Headaches?

As the number of self-publishers grows, the question has to be raised:  Is Google Books worth the headaches? I’m pretty close to thinking it isn’t. Let’s look at the issues: How can a company that practically rules the Internet have … Continue reading

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Because it is Hard to Wait

I grew up outside of Boston. I would take the T into Harvard Square to go to Newbury Comics to actually buy comic books. I went to the Radcliffe Publishing Course (which now belongs to Columbia but I can still … Continue reading

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News regarding The Writer magazine

Sad news from The Writer magazine: Dear contributor, I’m sorry to announce that The Writer magazine will go on hiatus after the October 2012 issue, which is in production now. Kalmbach Publishing Co., which owns The Writer, is currently looking for a buyer … Continue reading

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Which Hat Today?

Let me see . . . Which hat am I wearing today?  As a literary agent, author coach, and publisher, I often find myself pondering that question.  But don’t we all?  Certainly authors have to, since in today’s world they … Continue reading

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Thinking about writing . . .

I’ve been reading a lot of SF&F short stories lately and this has had me thinking of short stories I might write and then about the creative process.  Ironically, I don’t spend a lot of time talking to authors about … Continue reading

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Welcome to Author Coach!

Welcome to our new website and blog for Author Coach, LLC, an author-services firm for writers of both fiction and nonfiction.  We’ll be blogging regularly here about the craft of writing, our services, and the books we are publishing!  That’s … Continue reading

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Author Coach

Author Coach is far more than a place to find a book doctor or freelance editor. Your author coach is there to not simply edit, but to motivate, to brainstorm, to mentor, and to help keep you on track with your goals. Your coach may recommend reading for you to do.


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