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How are Book Offers Made?

This week, I made an offer to an author to publish her book. She asked for two weeks to consider it. I asked her to get back to me by the end of business on Monday, which would have given … Continue reading

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The Number of Self-Published Titles Cracked 1 Million in 2017

According to Publishers Weekly, the number of self-published titles cracked 1 million in 2017.  That’s rather astounding. I would halfway like to know how each of those books reads. One of the downsides of the growth of self-publishing is a … Continue reading

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Is Amazon’s “Duplicate Title” Problem Costing You Sales?

If you publish your own books or are published by a traditional publisher, there’s only one person who is really going to be paying close-enough attention to your books to catch the listings on Amazon that are for your book, … Continue reading

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The Authors Guild’s Mary Rasenberger Gets It Wrong on Flat Royalties

In July’s IBPA Independent, Authors Guild executive director Mary Rasenberger wrote about the potential future of a flat royalty rate for authors. Unfortunately, her article included inaccuracies that almost certainly will mislead most authors. In her article, Rasenberger makes one … Continue reading

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Amazon KDP, It’s Time to Break through the 9.99 Ceiling

It’s all really about the value of books. Two sides met in battle.  On one side, there were several major publishers and Apple.  On the other, the Department of Justice (with Amazon in the wings, whispering into the DOJ’s ear).  … Continue reading

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It’s Booksellers, Not Publishers, Who are Responsible for High Prices

Everyone needs to make money.  I get that.  But I get a bit frustrated when I see comments on eBooks or even printed books about prices being too high.  That DVD used for that movie you bought costs 39 cents, … Continue reading

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Is Amazon Misleading Indie Publishers on VAT Pricing?

Is Amazon’s Kindle pricing system misleading indie publishers? Like many small publishers, I read with some confusion the various emails about Amazon’s changing approach to VAT or Value Added Tax in the European Union and Japan. But did you know … Continue reading

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Deciphering Nook Press’s VAT Policies

I’ve written a couple articles now about the changes in the VAT laws and how they may affect small, indie, and self-publishers.  After reviewing the guidelines for Barnes & Noble’s Nook Press, I confess I remained confused.  Even after emailing … Continue reading

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iTunes Royalties and VAT-Inclusive Pricing

Yesterday I wrote about Amazon KDP royalties and how the changes in VAT in the EU would affect author and publisher income from Kindle sales.  Today, let’s tackle iTunes Royalties and VAT-inclusive pricing. You may not know this, but Apple’s … Continue reading

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Amazon KDP Royalties To Be Cut by VAT Pricing Changes

The following email has shown up a couple of times from Amazon’s KDP team and it contains a little hidden information that requires you to do some math to understand that changes in the EU tax laws will mean lower … Continue reading

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