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iTunes Royalties and VAT-Inclusive Pricing

Yesterday I wrote about Amazon KDP royalties and how the changes in VAT in the EU would affect author and publisher income from Kindle sales.  Today, let’s tackle iTunes Royalties and VAT-inclusive pricing. You may not know this, but Apple’s … Continue reading

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Amazon KDP Royalties To Be Cut by VAT Pricing Changes

The following email has shown up a couple of times from Amazon’s KDP team and it contains a little hidden information that requires you to do some math to understand that changes in the EU tax laws will mean lower … Continue reading

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Author Coach

Author Coach is far more than a place to find a book doctor or freelance editor. Your author coach is there to not simply edit, but to motivate, to brainstorm, to mentor, and to help keep you on track with your goals. Your coach may recommend reading for you to do.


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