Veteran Literary Agent Launches Endpapers Press—Managed Self-Publishing Solution for Authors

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 Veteran Literary Agent Launches Endpapers Press
Managed Self-Publishing Solution for Authors

 San Diego, CA, June 12, 2012—Veteran literary agent and author coach Andrew Zack, founder and president of The Zack Company, Inc. (TZC), and Author Coach, LLC, announced today the launch of Endpapers Press, a managed eBook and print-on-demand (POD) self-publishing solution for authors.

The on-line marketplace is not only growing for new books, but it has presented an incredible boon to authors with deep and even not so deep backlists of out-of-print books. For authors who have invested in creating their own eBooks and print-on-demand editions, the rewards have been impressive, but the process of creating a quality book and placing it on-line with multiple booksellers is not a simple one, and on-line reader reviews can swiftly take a toll on the rankings—and sales—of an author whose work has not been professionally converted and published.  Authors who hope to build an audience and grow the sales of their backlist titles or original eBooks must produce professional-looking editions or face the disappointment of their readers.  Endpapers Press’s production team ensures that readers will be focused on the writing and story and not on the quality of the book production.

“Reading to my oldest son at night, I often talk about the parts of the physical book. The dust jacket, the headband, and, yes, the endpapers. To me, publishers that care about books go to the extra effort to not just publish a book, but to physically build an attractive and quality book. Endpapers, in part, signify quality,” said Zack, emphasizing that Endpapers Press will not be a vanity press, but a service provider for authors of quality fiction and nonfiction, often bringing back into print books that were originally published by major houses. For authors of original works, Endpapers Press editors will take authors through a professional publishing process, including developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading, to ensure a high-quality result.

Endpapers Press has already published several titles that are currently represented by The Zack Company but were out-of-print or to which eBook rights were not licensed to the publisher. And it currently has in the works several original eBook editions by TZC or Author Coach clients. Endpapers Press is open to working directly with authors or literary agents on publishing out-of-print or unsold titles as eBook and/or Print-on-Demand editions and offers an industry-leading royalty of 75% of net royalty on many titles.

 About Endpapers Press

Endpapers Press is a division of Author Coach, LLC, an author-services company working directly with authors of commercial fiction and nonfiction. For more information, see and The Zack Company, Inc., is a full-service, commission-based literary agency representing authors of commercial fiction and nonfiction. For more information, see


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