The Challenges of Selling Your Self-Published Book in the Real World

I wear two hats.  Well, three actually.  Via my literary agency, The Zack Company, I represent numerous authors of commercial fiction and nonfiction.  And via Author Coach, I offer editorial assistance, career advice, and coaching directly to authors who are … Continue reading

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You Have to Win the Affiliate Wars

Amid all of the discussion of the death of the publishing industry and Amazon’s laser-focused effort to eliminate competition, one point I have yet to see discussed is the competitions’ absolutely abysmal use of affiliates. I am an Amazon Associate. … Continue reading

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If You Think Making eBooks is Easy . . .

. . . then let me describe my morning to you. I am working on the eBook for a previously published novel.  Actually, the novel has been published twice, since it went out of print and then, as the agent, … Continue reading

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Advance Praise for DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY, by Ken Pakman

I am exceptionally pleased to share some of the advance praise we have received for Ken Pakman’s Domestic Tranquility, an upcoming new thriller that Ignition Books, an imprint of Endpapers Press, will be publishing soon. “Ken Pakman’s Domestic Tranquility is … Continue reading

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STINGRAY Becomes a Kindle Best-seller!

Over the weekend, I got a sales report from Amazon for the month of July and I nearly fell off my chair!  Stingray, by Bruce “Doc” Norton, sold several hundred copies.  In fact, when I looked it up on Amazon … Continue reading

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The Journey is as Important as the Ending

A number of years ago, I got a package of material in the mail.  It wasn’t the usual submission package; it was a pile of newspaper containing a series of articles written by a Providence Journal columnist named Mark Patinkin.  … Continue reading

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The Benefits of a Reboot

If you subscribe to our blog or to our marketing mailings, then you are already aware that we’ve been reissuing out-of-print titles from various authors via Endpapers Press’s imprints, Ignition Books and Quadrant Books (we also have Heliosphere, but haven’t … Continue reading

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KILLER RATINGS, by Lisa Seidman, Now Available via NetGalley

Are you a book reviewer or blogger?  Then you probably know all about NetGalley.  But what you may not know is that select Endpapers Press titles are available via NetGalley. Right now, you can download Lisa Seidman’s fabulous new mystery, … Continue reading

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News regarding The Writer magazine

Sad news from The Writer magazine: Dear contributor, I’m sorry to announce that The Writer magazine will go on hiatus after the October 2012 issue, which is in production now. Kalmbach Publishing Co., which owns The Writer, is currently looking for a buyer … Continue reading

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An Update from Endpapers Press

I’m extremely excited to report that Endpapers Press, a division of Author Coach, LLC, has just issued its first royalty statements, covering the period ending June 30, 2012.  As a new small press, this is a major milestone. I want … Continue reading

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