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WTF? Kobo Doesn’t Automatically Update

One of the joys of being a publisher ( is dealing with authors. Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love authors.  But sometimes I forget that authors aren’t dealing with publishing headaches and production 24/7. Recently I issued a couple … Continue reading

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Do Some Spring Cleaning

When we started publishing books via our Endpapers Press imprints, we had to hit the ground running in a lot of different directions.  From ISBNs to LCCNs, it’s all been quite the adventure. One of the things it has really … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Selling Your Self-Published Book in the Real World

I wear two hats.  Well, three actually.  Via my literary agency, The Zack Company, I represent numerous authors of commercial fiction and nonfiction.  And via Author Coach, I offer editorial assistance, career advice, and coaching directly to authors who are … Continue reading

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You Have to Win the Affiliate Wars

Amid all of the discussion of the death of the publishing industry and Amazon’s laser-focused effort to eliminate competition, one point I have yet to see discussed is the competitions’ absolutely abysmal use of affiliates. I am an Amazon Associate. … Continue reading

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Author Coach

Author Coach is far more than a place to find a book doctor or freelance editor. Your author coach is there to not simply edit, but to motivate, to brainstorm, to mentor, and to help keep you on track with your goals. Your coach may recommend reading for you to do.


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